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Welcome to Simply Brushing!

A sister community of texturize, Simply Brushing is a place to post Photoshop, PSP, or GIMP brushes for other graphics makers to download and use. Posts are moderated, but membership is open. Feel free to join and start posting your brushes!

Current layout by grrliz @ thefulcrum.

The Rules

  1. NO TEXT BRUSHES! Simply Brushing is a text brush-free resource community. All posts containing text brushes will be deleted.
  2. Only brushes are to be posted here. This means no textures, no gradients, no patterns. Our sister community texturize is the place to post your textures. It's OK to link to a post containing non-brush resources, but please do not post them to the community.
  3. Clearly label your posts. List how many resources you're posting, what program the brushes are for, etc.
  4. Post a preview of your brushes. When posting multiple previews, or any preview larger than 400px on any side, use an LJ-cut. If you don't know what an LJ-cut is, please familiarize yourself.
  5. Keep click travel to three pages or less. Click travel is the number of links you need to click in order to get from one page to another. Please do not post the download link for your brushes more than three clicks from the community.
  6. Tag your entries. Here is a list of the tags used in Simply Brushing:

    gimp (icon-sized)
    gimp (other)
    photoshop (icon-sized)
    photoshop (other)
    psp (icon-sized)
    psp (other)
    mod posts

  7. Do not link to resources in a locked journal. This applies to posts that will only be open for a certain amount of time as well. You're more than welcome to link to public posts in personal journals or communities, but any post found linking to a friends-locked or members-locked entry will be deleted.
  8. Two posts per member per week. I define a week as any seven day period for the purposes of this rule. You're welcome to post links to multiple resources in one post, so long as you do not make more than two posts in this community in any given week.
These rules are subject to change at the whim of the moderator(s). Posts that violate a rule will generally receive a warning before any action is taken. Repeat offenders face potential bannination.

Who's in charge here?

helenahandbag is your friendly neighborhood moderator. She can be reached by email at helenahandbag04 [AT] gmail [DOT] com. Please do not leave comments regarding this community in her personal journal or any other communities she moderates.


Sister community: texturize


Questions, comments, or concerns?

Please post them here.

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